Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Manic Monday

Monday wasn't a very good day. My wife was taking the kids to the Baltimore Aquarium and since my office is on the way, I decided to tag along and let them drop me off at the office for a while. All that did was to verify for me that I'm not yet ready to get back to the daily commute. I actually felt pretty good before getting into the car, but took a Vicodin for good measure. The ride was uncomfortable all the way down and once I got to the office it didn't get much better. Converting my desk to stand mode helped as standing was more comfortable than sitting, but by 2:00 I had to take another Vicodin. After that, I started to feel better again until it was time to leave and I climbed back into the car. My level of discomfort was pretty high by the time we got home and I doubled up on the Vicodin. Went to bed a little early and had no problem going to sleep and managed to sleep until the baby woke us up at 4:00. I am feeling better now, but lesson learned. It may be a while before I'm up for daily travel again.

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