Friday, January 18, 2013


Today was a much better day, for me anyway. Whatever was messing with my system yesterday seemed to have moved on in the night. Felt pretty good today for the most part. Unfortunately, my 5yr old came down with a fever. Hopefully she didn't have some form of whatever I had, but she seemed to feel better by the end of the day.

My treatment today had just a bit more of that space odyssey surrealism as they were playing opera music while i was being levitated and orbited by the machine. I'm still waiting to hear from Hal.

3 day weekend coming up, though the treatment center is open on Monday so I'll still be going in for treatment on that day, otherwise, I'm hoping for an uneventful long weekend with the family.


  1. Do you have the choice to pick your music? Could probably fit two or three songs in?

  2. Not really. I'm only in there 5 minutes, if that long.