Thursday, December 20, 2012

Double Double

Today went pretty well for the most part. Only slept in 2 hour increments last night. Fell asleep in the recliner only to be awakened by the 3 yr old at 2AM who came out wanting to konw where her sister was (sister was asleep in the top bunk as always). Put her to bed and went and got into my own bed. Baby woke us up at 4:30. Went back to sleep a while later only to be woke up by the girls at the standard 7AM time. Managed to go back to sleep once more, then woke up at 9:00 realizing that I needed to start work.

Didn't have to take pills constantly today, though I did take the fairly regularly. I think it was a good thing that I stayed home as even though I felt fine, I'm not so sure that driving would have been a good idea. Had several bouts of drowsiness throughout the day.

The Doctor's office called back about my prescription refill and advised me that they could fax the Vicodin to the pharmacy, but that I would have to come by and pick up the Fentanyl scrip. The pharmacy called a short time later to tell me that they didn't have that particular dosage of Vicodin in stock until after 2 tomorrow, so we opted to pick everything up tomorrow. I hope this doesn't turn into a holiday mess.

Sister is flying in tomorrow, so we'll have to figure out how we are going to go about retrieving her from the airport..

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