Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back to the Grind

First week back at work after taking three off for Paternity leave. I must say that it was a much needed change of pace, much quieter than the chaos of home. Overall, things have gone pretty well. I've found that I get a case of medicine head everyday in the 3-5PM range regardless of my medication schedule. Around 5 it promptly clears up and I'm fine again until bedtime..

Wednesday morning I woke up with pain in my right leg. It started down in the shin and under the knee and worked its way up to my sciatic area. I decided to work from home that day as I didn't think I could handle the hour drive into work with my leg hurting the way that it did. By 11:00AM, the pain was gone and I felt fine for the rest of the day.

I had a little breakdown that evening as I contacted my sister to take her up on the offer to come help out over Christmas break. For some reason, communicating with her got me a little emotional. Shortly after, I was playing on the floor with my 3yr old. Watching her smile and laugh got to me as I had a momentary realization of just how much I love that little girl. I managed to hold back until we got the kids to bed, but then I lost it for a while. The potential loss of them is what gets me the most with all of this cancer business. It was good to have that cycle through my system.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I seem to have developed an inability to sleep for long periods. I tend to wake up with pain of one kind or another after several hours sleep. My theory is that is has to do with laying in one position for too long as I can only comfortably sleep either on my back or on my stomach so there's no real option to roll and adjust.

Friday I went to the Urologist for my first shot of Lupron. I stayed home from work as I didn't have any idea what effect it would have on my. Turned out to be a non-event. I go back in 6 months for the next dosage.

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