Friday, December 21, 2012

Day Trip

Today started out pretty well. I slept through the night, for the most part, and only had to take two Vicodin between 8AM and 3PM.

My sister flew up from Austin today to help us out over the holidays. With my double dosage of pain medication I didn't feel comfortable driving to the airport to pick her up so my wife drove, but wanted me to go along so that she wasn't making the trek alone with the baby. A perfect storm ensued along the way there and back. Despite taking a pill before leaving, I developed some pain, especially in my legs, on the way there and had to take another on arrival. I also hit my afternoon sleepy zone. And, to make things worse, the laxative that I've been taking to counteract the Vicodin and Fentanyl induced constipation finally started working. All of this made for a rather long and unpleasant 3 hour trip. Clearly I'm not yet ready for travel of any kind more than about an hour in length.

At least my sister made it here safely and even though I can't travel back to Texas this year, I still get to have some of my family here with me for the holidays.

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