Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Enigma

Today has been a bit of an enigma. I woke up at 5:45 without my usual pains. In fact I woke up with little or no pain at all, but then after my usual morning trip to the bathroom, I came out with pain in my hip on the left side, the opposite side from where the majority of my pain has been since I started treatment. Ironically, before being diagnosed, back when I was seeing a chiropractor for my pain issues, most of my pain was on the left side, then somewhere along the line it move to the right.

Anyway, after taking my morning medication, it didn't really seem to lessen much and by 8:30, and I was just feeling a little ugh all over. I needed to go back to bed so I did and slept until 11:30 at which time I awoke largely refreshed. The ugh was gone as was most of the pain though the pain on my left side seemed to have moved down into my gluteus where it feels almost like a bruise on the sciatic nerve there. Sitting on my usual spot on the hardwood floor didn't help, but neither did sitting in any of the more comfy seating.

Throughout the day it was persistently there. The doctors always ask you to rank your pain on a scale of 1-10. This was about a 3-4 throughout the day, more annoyance and discomfort than pain, but it was there and seemed to laugh at my medication. The old trick of sitting on the toilet didn't work either. In the beginning of all of this, sometimes sitting on the toilet, where the two sides of the seat pressed up against the sciatic nerve, would often provide some relief from the pain, in this case, it actually aggravated it. Since nothing else was working, I decided to try a soak in the tub this afternoon with some Epsom salts. That seemed to help, for as long as I was in the tub, the pain subsided and I didn't notice it, but as soon as I got out, it slowly came back so I don' t know if it was the heat, the salts, or perhaps the buoyancy that was helping, but sitting in the tub all day wasn't really an option.

I learned today that the problem with having a deep soaker tub is that it holds about the same amount of water as the water heater, maybe a little more, so keeping the tub warm all day wasn't really going to happen. Interestingly, while in the tub I discovered that I am developing a callous on my left ankle which is the one that is usually down on the floor when I am spending my time sitting there trying to get relief. If things continue the way that they have, I could end up having one of the toughest ankles anywhere.

The most frustrating thing about this has been that I have no explanation for it. This came out of nowhere, without any triggering event that I can determine, and has thwarted all of my usual methods of obtaining relief. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Will this persist or will things revert back to the way that they have been, or will it bring something new?

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