Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something's Happening Here. What It is, Ain't Exactly Clear

Made it through the night last night for the most part. Went to bed around 10:00, fell asleep sitting up in bed and woke up at 12:45AM. Wasn't in any pain, but took a Vicodin anyway for pre-emptive purposes. Went back to bed and slept through til 6:45AM. That's probably the longest stretch of sleep I've had in a couple of months.

Woke up with no pain, but had a dry mouth, a full bladder, and mild constipation, which is what woke me up. After a singularly successful trip to the bathroom, I started feeling pain in my right hip which seemed to radiate down my thigh a little. It became more intense as I moved around. Not sure if sciatic. Didn't feel like the sciatic pain that I'm used to as it felt more down in the hip joint.

The hip pain went away about an hour after taking medication, however I also had a bowel movement during that time so I'm not sure which had the greater impact. After sitting at the desk for a couple of hours it started to return around 11:00, so I took a Vicodin as we were hitting the 4 hour mark. A short time later, I was feeling the pain in both thighs, and it started feeling like it could possibly be sciatic, especially since the Vicodin didn't seem to be helping.

The hip pain came and went throughout the afternoon and evening. It was present when I took all of my evening meds at 10:00PM. Now it's 12:21AM and the pain is still there in the right hip, as well as a little in the right knee. My meds should have kicked in by now. Guess it's going to be one of those nights since I got plenty of sleep last night and am not particularly sleepy right now which means it's going to be a wonderful day.

Have not had any more of the normal sciatic pains since starting the Lyrica.

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