Monday, April 28, 2014

The Transporter

Since I'm stuck here in the hospital, my radiation treatments must go on. Therefore the hospital arranged transport to get me to my treatment and back. It was comical how much overkill went into this simple endeavor. To begin with, the treatment center is literally across the street from the hospital. It takes longer to get down to the parking lot than it does to  drive over there. Since I'm capable of moving around on my own, I had assumed that the transport would involve someone taking me down in a wheel chair to a van of some kind, driving me over, then reversing the procedure to return. Instead, it was a full ambulance service that arrived with a gurney. I climbed on and they strapped me down, took me downstairs and loaded me into the ambulance. Three minutes later, we arrived across the street and they unloaded me, then wheeled me all the way into the treatment room before letting me off the stretcher. The ride reversed for the trip back to my hospital room with my having to sign my name on four pages of paperwork on the way back. I never would have thought something so simple would be made so complicated, but then again, that's probaby why insurance and medical costs are so high to cover all of the overkill.

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